S1E4 – Steve Crowe

There are thousands of problems in our human lives. We’re solving more and more of them with robots, but the much-hyped “robot apocalypse” is far in the distance. Robotics writer Steve Crowe is no stranger to the advances—and rumors—within the industry. He’s a leading authority at WTWH Media, the publisher behind The Robot Report, Robotics Business Review, Collaborative Robotics Trends, and Mobile Robot Guide. Crowe has covered robotics from all angles, so he knows the possibilities and limitations.

Spoiler title
  • The Robot Report Podcast and misadventures with robo taxis
  • Limitations of robot programming to account for unknowns
  • Robots that don’t work well because manufacturers aim too high
  • What needs to happen for robots to go mainstream for individuals
  • Repeatability, reliability, and ease-of-use as keys to robotics success
  • Being able to pivot when a robotics concept proves undoable
  • The value of applying existing technology to new robotics solutions
  • Keeping things simple and using robotics to solve a specific problem
About Steve Crowe

Steve Crowe is a dynamic editor, writer and public speaker with 10+ years in B2B and robotics. He is the Editor of The Robot Report and Collaborative Robotics Trends, two flagship publications of WTWH Media. The Robot Report provides engineering, technology, and business professionals with a single source for breaking news, product information, independent analysis, and in-depth research. Collaborative Robotics Trends provides news and analysis about emerging collaborative robotics capabilities, powerful enabling technologies, cobot applications and insights into future innovations.

Crowe joined WTWH Media after spending five years as Managing Editor of Robotics Trends and Robotics Business Review. He is also co-founder and co-chair of the Robotics Summit & Expo, a technical conference and expo dedicated to addressing the issues involved with the design, development, manufacture of commercial robotics systems; is co-chair of RoboBusiness, an international robotics business development and innovation event located in the Heart of Silicon Valley; and has produced robotics conferences for CES and PTC’s LiveWorx. Crowe holds a degree in journalism from Emerson College.

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