S2E1 – 3 Key Factors for Robotic Picking, with Right Hand Robotics CTO, Lael Odhner

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Right Hand Robotics is one of the leading companies in autonomous robotics, specifically autonomous grasping. Their robots are able to see and pick a wide range of products for ecommerce automation, and their robots are completely autonomous. In this episode the CTO of Right Hand Robotics, Lael Odhner, shares his robotics experience and talks about how the company was founded. Lael is one of the few genius-level technologists driving the robotics engineering state of the art. Listen in to hear about how Lael and team have changed the game with autonomous grasping by inventing some really unique hardware.

Listen to Lael and Tom talk about
  • The research of professor Rob Howe from Harvard
  • Working on a DARPA autonomous grasping project
  • The different types of robotic hands and how they have evolved recently
  • Founding Right Hand Robotics
  • Three key factors to selling robotic grasping systems
About Lael Odhner

Lael Odhner is a robotics researcher and designer with widely varied interests, including active material actuators, biologically inspired control systems, and robot hands. He attended Yale University as an associate research scientist where he and his team developed high-performance, low-cost robot hands for DARPA’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation project. Dr. Odhner received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, where he also received his M.S. and B.S.

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